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Team Building

The team is a team that provides one-stop team building solutions for enterprises and institutions. We always adhere to the tenet of "there is no perfect individual, only a perfect team" to help enterprises and institutions solve the integration of new and old, teamwork, and improve execution. Strength, customer relationship maintenance, corporate friendship, corporate culture construction, department team building, etc. Help enterprises and institutions to motivate and reward employees through customized group building projects, decompress and relax in group building activities, enjoy body and mind, find problems, and solve team problems, and also provide enterprises and institutions with the most distinctive customized travel solutions for leisure vacations Program.
We have provided team building services for 100 Singaporean companies, ranging from 6 to 130 people. We currently offer:
Murder mystery game (suitable for 6-16 people),
DIY (2~20+ people),
Outdoor Games (20+ people)

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