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Fluid Bear

The doll that exploded in China shake, exquisite workmanship, health and harmless, quality assurance The male material is made of high quality flocking material, which perfectly shows the luster of the statue.

  • Very conducive to children's imagination to create, both adults and children can enjoy an unparalleled sense of creativity. The toy can also be used as a house, garden decorations after production.

  • Gift of the heart - when you give the finished toy to friends, children, loved ones, it is the most touching choice for you.


The pandemic has served as a vector for the rise of both artisanal and DIY activities. “Tufting,” called 簇绒 in SG and meaning traditional rug-making, is the latest trend suddenly gaining popularity with local Gen Zers. After drawing an outline on a cloth, people can use a tufting gun to play a coloring game with a wide variety of wools.

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